Humane Agrarian Center, Banda (Uttar Pradesh)

In Banda, about 200 km North of Khajuraho (near Mahoba), but still in the Bundelkhand region, some farmers changed having read Johan D’hulster’s book on Conservation Agriculture.

They were inspired to start a kind of open university for young farmers (from India and the rest of the world), to teach the principles of sustainable agriculture from a deep understanding of the notion of “co-existantialism”.

Key persons in this initiative are Prem Singh and Swantatra Kumar Tiwari, who is also monitoring the Lost Gardens of Khajuraho. The first session has been held from 28 January to 5 February 2012, with the collaboration and participation of Johan D’hulster, Louis Debruyn, en Diego, Heidi, Simona, Jorna en Christel.