Vandana Shiva

21 Sep 2006

Friday 3 November 2006 at 8 pm Aula Piet de Somer, Beriotstraat, Leuven.

Vandana Shiva comes to Leuven

INTACH Belgium, together with Vredeseilanden, Greenpeace, VELT, Wervel organises a conference on "Biodiversity in Agriculture" on Friday 3 November. The main speaker will be Dr. Vandana Shiva, environment activist and founder of the organic farming movement "Navdanya". This conference aims to bring some of the Millenium Goals to a broader public. The Navdanya movement has converted already more than 200.000 farmers in North India to organic farming. An important tool is the creation of seed banks to save and to use the local wheat, rice and vegetable varieties. Also in Flanders, the situation is serious. This conference want to link the Flemish agricultural situation to the global situation (with a focus on India). Income : 5 euro (incl. brochure on biodiversity)