Local Chapter in Khajuraho

23 Feb 2007

15 February saw the re-start of the local INTACH Chapter in Khajuraho.

During the visit of Geert Robberechts to the project of the Lost Gardens of Khajuraho, the local INTACH Chapter was started again, in the presence of Maj.Gen. ret. LK Gupta, responsible for the INTACH Chapter Division, and Mr. Iswar Dass, the INTACH State Convenor of Madhya Pradesh. This chapter not only covers Khajuraho (and Rajnagar), but the whole district of Chhattarpur. However, as for now the activities are centered in Khajuraho and Rajnagar. Convenor is Dr. Pateriya, owner of the first garden that will be restored in the Lost Gardens Project. Co-covenor is Mr. Brijendra Singh, better known as "Mama-ji", the most famous guide of Khajuraho.