New Agricultural Developments in the Lost Gardens

09 Apr 2007

Johan D’hulster introduces a century old Indian method of composting

Last February, the Belgian bio-dynamic farmer Johan D’hulster visited the Lost Gardens project in Khajuraho/Rajnagar for the second time, together with Dries Tweepenninckx. Both are specialist in organic farming. During his first visit in 2006, Johan D’hulster remarked that the farming methods of the local farmers were very poor, e.g. that they didn’t have any know-how to maintain the soli fertility. Now, Johan and Dries looked in a broader region to find some rare remains of sustainable agriculture. But also here, the essential technique of building a composting heap was lost. Therefore it was decided to organise a workshop “Compost Heap Building” in the Pateriya ka Bagh. In two other farms outside Khajuraho, other compost building workshops were also held. One should know that this technique was introduced in the West by Albert Howard, who learned it during his stay in India, in the late 19th century. As such, this method is coming home. Johan and Dries started also a traject to introduce light agricultural tools, that are completely lacking in the region. In collaboration with a local blacksmith, they’ve made forks in different sizes and models, and even a wheelbarrow! To be continued!