Students invade Rajnagar!

09 Apr 2007

22 Students from Dehli and Pune started a research project on the Lost Gardens and on Rajnagar.

From 23 to 26 March, 22 architecture students from the BNCA Institute (Pune) and the SPA Institute (Delhi) came to Khajuraho under the guidance of landscape architect Ameet Babbar, to start a research project on the Lost Gardens and the broader context of Rajnagar. This project will go on during some three years, with regular visits of the students. The aim is to get a better understanding of the lay out of the Gardens, of their history, and of their function in Rajnagar. During the first day a full introduction was given by Ameet Babbar and by the co-convenor of the local INTACH chapter, Mama-ji. One of the major findings were important parts of the original irrigation canals in the Tiwari ka Bagh. It’s already sure that the results of this research will help us enormously in developing our Lost Gardens project. But we’re working also on a first proposition for the MP Tourist Department, to develop Rajnagar as a heritage village.