The Lost Gardens in the student restaurants of KU Leuven

25 Nov 2007

The students of Leuven were offered a culinary introduction on the Lost Gardens of Khajuraho on last November 20-21-22

On the occasion of the “Week of Flavour”, INTACH Belgium has been offered the opportunity to present “The Lost Gardens of Khajuraho” in the students restaurants ALMA of the KU Leuven. Already in the beginning of August the team of Alma was invited to try different Indian dishes, and to make a choice for the menu of 20-21-22 November. One has to know that it takes a full three months before new (in this case: Indian) ingredients can enter the Alma food chain! In Alma 1 (Tiensestraat), Alma 2 (Van Evenstraat) and Alma 3 (Campus Arenberg), an information stand was installed, principally with parts of the “Living our Living Heritage” exhibition (Bozar, October06-January07), and completed with a newly designed poster. It was Alma 2 (also the biggest) that received most attention for our project.